Astrology’s role is not to do predictions.

Its role is to help a person in his or her spiritual growth.  Human life is very precious and it should be given right direction by an astrologer to enable a person to stay on course for better life and great spiritual growth.

Benefits of Astrology are

  1. Helping in career selection
  2. Helping in spouse selection
  3. Helping in Spiritual growth
  4. Helping in finding Ishta devta, Palanhar devta etc
  5. Helping in post marital understanding
  6. Helping in use of Sattvic Vedic remedies for reducing stress in life

Astrology can help in a big way, as an example given below

Our best report is on Post Marriage Compatibility and Spouse Personality Analysis @ 999, which can help in understanding

Self and Spouse mentality

Self and Spouse temperament

Self and Spouse Work ethics

Self and Spouse Basic Nature

Self and Spouse strong and weak zone

Self and Spouse Progeny issues
Self and Spouse Health Issues

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