Improve your understanding with Spouse by Astrology

The event of marriage is very important in one’s life. This event changes lives of both partners – bride and groom. On entering into relationship they share life and depend on each other. Besides partners, their families get tied in a new relation. So marriage is not just a matter that remains between wife and husband only. It becomes the matter of both families. Therefore, before entering into marriage, it is necessary for couple to know each other very well. Otherwise, any wrong decision in choosing prospective partner may ruin the life of husband / wife and affect the lives of other family members directly or indirectly.

In view of this, it is very essential to know more and more about the would be partner from very basic level by assessing his/ her character, temperament etc. However, it is not so easy to know one’s individuality, which is unique, fully. On societal level there are other ways to know. Psychologists have their own methodologies to know it. And, astrologically also, there are methods that indicate in astound way. In astrology, person’s character, temperament, attitude, aptitude and behavioral aspects are assessed by studying the planets, Rashi and House in various divisional charts. Through astrology, not only this, many more aspects and facts can be explored. In brief,here under is an example of male native, who wants to know about his would be wife.


In horoscope, 7th house has been assigned for matrimonial matters. Sign & Nakshatra (rising in this house), seventh house lord, Karka, planets and Navamansha position of concerned planets indicate much more about the spouse.

In example horoscope, even sign Pisces and Revati Nakshatra are rising in the 7th house, which indicate that native’s spouse will have fair complexion, lustrous face, beautiful eyes, prominent nose, silky and light hair, large forehead, medium height. She may have (or will be) chubby figure. She may have balanced mental level, cool temperament, and clean character. She may be sober, honest, compassionate, and caring.

Pisces sign is ruled by Jupiter who is exalted in the apex of upchaya bhav – 11th house. Such Jupiter will bestow his wife religiosity, compassion, gratefulness, kindness, sympathy, emotional good nature and chastity. Such person is helpful and hospitable. On the house of spouse, there is no malefic planet’s aspect. In Male’€™s chart, Moon is in the third house (however debilitated) which denotes that his wife will be fair looking and native will be subordinate to her. 7H and 7L both are in the Nakshatra of Mercury that brings quick wit, copious in nature, adaptability and capability to adjust in new environment. 7th Lord is in the Navamsha of Saturn – in Aquarius, which happens to be in 6th house in the natal chart. Further, In the Navamsha chart, Jupiter is with Ketu and Moon. Seeing the nature of native (i.e. Husband), it seems there will be a bit of problem but since wife is virtuous, compromising, and adjusting nature so she will resolve the issues and restore harmony.

Now let us see a few yogas forming on accidental placement of planets in the horoscope of husband.
Lord of House of Spouse is in the House of fulfillment, gain and friends which indicate that native’€™s spouse will be friend like and she will cause or help in fulfilling the desire of her husband. Further, she will be helpful to her husband in gaining wealth or earning livelihood. Further, Lord of House of Spouse is aspecting Lord of House of gain. So, native’s wife may be partner in profession or help in boosting the career.

Seventh House Lord is with Karka Planet Venus which indicates that both partners will be fond of each other. Besides, wife would have wealthy background and she will bring financial aid to the native. Seventh House Lord is in the sign ruled by Moon i.e. Cancer that denotes wife would be family of equal status. Lord of House of Spouse, Karmesh and Dhanesha are together in Aay Bhav that indicates that spouse will be earning person or will contribute in accumulating wealth for her husband.

Lagnesh is placed with Kalatra Bhavesh which shows that couple will have loving nature and there would be mutual love between the partners. Wife of native will be devoted wife and will ensure happy married life by contributing her due. Further, his wife would be same cast and social background. Since Daraa Bhavesh is with benefic planets so temperament-wise she will calm and cool

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