Know your Isht Devta , Find it from Kundli – Horoscope ..

There are different deities assigned to different planets or planetary combinations.

Method of knowing one’s Ishta Devta

Step 1: In the birth chart (D-1), look out for the Atmakaraka (AK). As mentioned before, Atmakaraka is the planet that attains maximum degrees in the birth chart.

Step 2: See which rashi (sign) is occupied by the Atmakaraka planet in Navamsa (D-9). The sign, in navamsa, which is occupied by Atmakaraka planet is called as Karakamsha.

Step 3: Note which plant/s occupy 12th house or sign from Karakamsha. Ishta Devta is to be ascertained by this planet / these planets. In case, 12th house or sign from Karakamsha is empty (means no planet occupies it), we have to see for its lordship to know the Ishta Devta. I am placing below a list of deities that correspond to various planets and can be used in deducing the form of Devta to be worshipped (in relevance to Ishta Devta, Dharma Devta, Kul Devta, Paalan Devta)

Planet Deity
Sun Shiva, Rama
Moon  Krishna, Gauri, Lalita, Saraswati
Mars  Hanuman, Rudra, Kartikeya (Subrahmanya), Narasimha
Mercury Vishnu, Narayana, Buddha
Jupiter Hayagreeva, Vishnu, Indra, Dattatreya, Any guru
Venus  Lakshmi, Parvati
Saturn  Vishnu, Brahma
Rahu  Durga, Narasimha
Ketu  Ganesha

It is said that among all the different deities, it is Vishnu, who is capable of bestowing moksha as he carries the sudarshana chakra and uses it specifically for that purpose.

The worship of an appropriate Vishnu Avatara as one’s Ishta Devata is generally recommended for attaining Moksha and reducing obstacles in life in general. The list of those various incarnations of Lord Vishnu and planets associated with them is given in the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (Chapter 2, verses 5-7), and is placed below for your convenience of understanding;

Planet Sri Vishnu Avatar 
Sun Sri Rama
Moon Sri Krishna
Mars Sri Narasimha
Mercury Sri Buddha
Jupiter Sri Vamana
Venus Sri Parashurama
Saturn Sri Koorma
Rahu Sri Varaha
Ketu Sri Matsya

One should worship one’s Ishta Devta to attain final salvation. Worship of Ishta Devta is to be done daily, with appropriate mantras and allied rituals. The important thing is to be selfless while worshiping to the Ishta Devta. One should not ask for anything while worshiping, rather one should offer oneself completely in Ishta Devta’s holy feet. Jaimini Maharishi has also mentioned about planetary equivalents of various deities in his Upadesha Sutras (1.2.72–79). As per Jaimini Sutram, following is the association between planets and corresponding deities;

Sun (Surya) – Lord Shiva

Moon (Chandra) – Gouri

Venus (Shukra) – Lakshmi

Mars (Mangal) – Skanda (Kartikeya)

Mercury (Buddha) – Lord Vishnu

Saturn (Shani) – Lord Vishnu

Jupiter (Guru) – Samba Shiva

Rahu – Tamasi or Durga

Ketu – Lord Ganesha