Principle of Astrology , Gemology and Numerology

Correspondence between Astrology, Gemology & Numerology

The celebrated Gemologist Richard S Brown writes in his book “Ancient Astral Gemstones & Talismans” that the nine colours – the seven primary colours of the spectrum & infra-red and ultra-violet – correspond to the Nine revolving heavens and the Nine Primary Gems.

The gemological texts of India explain that white light is actually composed of seven primary colours and two secondary colours blended together. The seven colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet: and the other two colors are utra-violet and infra-red. The seven primary colors become visible in the form of a rainbow wherever light is defracted through a prism or rain drops: but the two secondary colors always remain invisible.

These nine colors are understood to be the cosmic matrix and the very essence of the nine planets; it is through these colors that the planets radiate their energy and influence. When the visible colored-light waves are measured, infra-red exhibits the longest wave length and ultra violet the shortest. It is important to note that the wave length of colored light emanating from the nine planets is believed to match those radiating from each planet’s corresponding gemstone(s). For example, the wavelength of light emanating from the Sun is identical to that exhibited by a ruby – both are red.

Among all the elements in nature, gemstones constitute the most condensed form of concentrated color. Gems provide an inexhaustible source of cosmic color rays. (Richard S Brown “Ancient Astral Gemstones and Talismans” ).

Here we give the correspondence between the Nine planets, colors, gems and Numbers.


Cosmic Colour

Primary Gem

Numerological Number

Sun Red Ruby One
Moon Orange Pearl Two
Jupiter Light Blue Yellow Sapphire Three
North Node Ultra Violet Hessonite Four
Mercury Green Emerald Five
Venus Indigo Diamond Six
South Node Infra-Red Cat’s Eye Seven
Saturn Violet Blue Sapphire Eight
Mars Yellow Coral Nine

A regulatory and research group, The Planetary Gemologists Association ( has been formed with 106 astrological scholars and 2 certified Gemologists (to ensure that innocent public is not duped ). Vedic scholar Pandit Vidyadhar Shukla is the Honorary President and certified Gemologist Richard S Brown is the Acting Secretary. Many fine articles grace its 2001 Journal which can be read at

Astrology, Prakriti Therapy (Naturopathy) & Holistic Medicine

Naturopathy exists as one of the branches of Holistic Medicine (Ayurveda). Holistic Medicine has 2 aspects – The Therapeutic (Athura Vritta) & the Prophylactic (Swastha Vritta). Naturopathy is the Prophylactic or the Preventive System. It is based on the principle “Natura Sanat” (Nature is the Healer and Doctor). As the human body is composed of the five elements (Earth, air, water, fire and ether) so the Five Doctors are the Elemental Five!

Fasting is the best medicine (even diseases like ulcer can be cured by fasting) and this is known as Ether Therapy (Akashopasana). Sun bathing is Fire Therapy (Tejopasana). Using Water as a therapeutic element is Water Therapy (Jalopasana). Letting the body get fresh unpolluted air is Air Therapy (Vayu Upasana) and eating pure fruits and vegetables is Earth Therapy (Prithvi Upasana) Naturopathy means returning to Nature and living in rhythm with Nature, who is infinite in her wisdom! Even Allopathic scholars have admitted “Medicus curata, natura Sanat” (The physician only treats but it is Nature that heals)! The main cause of all disease is overeating and man is advised to eat only once in a day and fast once in a week!

The five major planets correspond to the Elemental Five thus

Jupiter – Ether
Mars – Fire
Saturn – Air
Mercury – Earth
Venus – Water.

No wonder in the Pythagorean system, the number five was given such tremendous importance!

Medical astrologers prescribe Ether Therapy if Jupiter is weak and Fire Therapy if Mars is weak etc. By means of the Great Art, health can be restored in the patient!

Astrology & Yoga

Ordinary man lives in three states of Consciousness – waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep. There is a higher state of Consciousness – Transcendental Consciousness – which can be accessed via Meditation. In his Phd Thesis Dr Robert Keith Wallace has proved the existence of the Fourth State of Consciousness (Dr Keith Wallace Phd Thesis “The Physiological effects of Transcendental Meditation – a Proposed Fourth Major State of Consciousness”, the University of California and Los Angeles, 1975). The Fourth State (Tureeya in Sanskrit) is accessible to those who follow the path of Yoga. But to gain T C and get established in that state of Consciousness is not very easy. The negative elements in man – our inner enemies – are the impediments. The Wisdom of the Heavens, by analysing the negative traits in a horoscope can point out the method by which the Negative Aspect of man can be tamed so that he becomes eligible for higher states of Consciousness.

The Culmination of Yoga – Universal Love

Even though Union via Wisdom (Jnana Yoga) is great, Union via Love (Bhakthi Yoga) is the Redeeming Grace! The salvation of the world is in Love & through Love. The heart has its own reasons which the head need not know! Love is the Saviour! Universal Love is the Redeemer! Love Divine alone can confer Bliss!

Tempting God’s light down to the ignorant race,
His Love to heal the sorrow in men’s hearts,
His Bliss to heal the unhappiness of this world!