Saturn Retrograde in 2017. How to avoid problems ?

Saturn turns retrograde in Sagittarius from 6th April 2017 at 10:37 in the morning. Saturn comes back in retrograde mode to enter a fix natured watery sign Scorpio at 04:03 on 21st of June 2017. Saturn becomes progressive from 25th August 2017 at 17:39 in evening in Scorpio. Saturn then reenters Sagittarius from 26th October 2017 at 15:30 noon

Retrograde Saturn (Vakri Shani) in 6 April 2017 .

Saturn is measured as cold, hard, earthly, masculine and is malefic. It governs the bones generally and the knees and spleen particularly. Saturn is for delay, endurance, sorrow. It plays role of being obstructive, is a hard task master and is contractile in nature. The influence of Saturn is commonly held as much malefic evil. Since Saturn brings necessity and denial for some, it is measured as kind of oppressor. One holding his/her ego, Saturn is to pull the person to his knees, humble him by way of restrictions, constraints and adversities. In turn this causes person to deliberate, study and seek source, cause of the difficulties being experienced so that in future it may be overcome. In this way Saturn is a destroyer of false ideals and false ego. Saturn prompts introspection and inspires to make efforts towards perfection and comfort. Ask us for Personalized Report on Effects of Retrograde Saturn 

Important role of Saturn in our horoscope/birth chart

Saturn is natural ruler of the tenth house. The tenth house is all about karma. Saturn gets exalted in airy Libra and gets debilitated in fiery Aries. A well positioned Saturn works well to climb up the ladder in your pursuit. A weak Saturn posited in inauspicious house can lead to disaster. Saturn stationed in the 12th house can lead to unwarranted expenses, falling in debt most of the times. Saturn does not allow having it all easy. It does not support unethical practices. Observing strict work discipline pleases Saturn. Weak Saturn makes the person kind of lazy and finds excuses to delay the task. Saturn moving through 12th house can make you toil hard and not getting due attention when needed.

Effect of Retrograde Saturn in general

Saturn (Shani) is linked with Karma. So you reap what you have sown. Dishonesty and betrayal is a strict no in regime of Saturn. If you are victim of conspiracy, betrayal, you can hope for justice, when Saturn turns retrograde. If you have done good without getting reward, a delayed justice by Saturn is to work in your favor. It depends on the placement of Saturn in your birth chart and also how transiting Saturn aspects your horoscope. Retrograde Saturn has capacity to slow down process of progress. It acts as an obstructive force and tastes your patience. A squeeze on inflow of money for you, if Saturn is concerned with your finances.

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