Timing of Illness…Importance of Medical Astrology

Timing of illness: A Study of Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology has an edge over the medical science in foretelling the time when a future illness likely to occur in individual person with accurate study of horoscope chart. It is essential to have a sufficient understanding of human anatomy along with a sound knowledge of the astrological principles and their application to individual horoscope is required to diagnose the disease.
The most important basic principal of medical astrology is that Lagna represent the body of the native. The first house of the horoscope chart, the ascendant or the lagna is also known as the Tanu Bhava or the House representing the Body or called Kalapurusha. In same way other houses of horoscope represent the different parts of the body.
House or Bhava Part of Kalapurusha
Lagna                      Head, Brain, Nerve Center & Mind
Second House.    Face, Eyes, nose, tongue, teeth, ears, fingers, nails, bones and flesh
Third House.         Neck, Throat, Collar Bones, Breathing, Arms
Fourth House.      Heart, Lungs, Chest, Breast and Blood
Fifth House            Stomach- Portion above naval, Heart and Liver
Sixth House           Lower Abdomen, naval, bowels and solar plexus
Seventh House    Groins, semen, female organs, Kidney
Eighth House       Genital organs, Urine and Blood, anus, bladder
Ninth House         Thighs and Limbs, Arterial System and Hips
Tenth House.        Knees, Back, Bones and Joint
Eleventh House.   Shanks, breathing and blood circulation
Twelfth House      Feet, blood and lymphatic system, Hospitalization

Medical Astrology is an important branch of science of astrology. Medical Astrology is the branch of astrology that deals with working of the human body. Since times immemorial, both medicine and astrology have constituted a way of life and these were developed as a part of religion in India and are thus part of Ancient Knowledge. An astrologer is able to diagnose diseases and help the mankind to take preventive measures. Areas where it can play a useful role in individual horoscope are:
Timing of an illness- Caution.
Nature of an illness: – Diagnosis.
Course of an illness: It’s Outcome.
Complication comes up during course of illness and its treatment.
The method of treatment.
Astrological remedies.
After effect of treatment.

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