What is Rahu Mahadasha and its Remedies ?

Rahu….is directly related to mind, ( its inclined towards bhog vilasa). Enjoyment and running for fun , sex, fantasies, experiments , more fun…..almost to the extent of mirage. Its never ending thirst.

Ketu is opposite of Rahu, which signify vaoragya part of mind. So Rahu mahadasha will most likely transform mind of a person. The battles of the mind are unseen, so people around the person does not have an idea, whats  going on. People undergoing Raha Mahadasha are attracted towards MEDIA of any sorts. TV , movies , social media…..

If it is bad as per kundli, then mental health of a person is affected. He is not that grown up as he shows. Wrong goal selection is another drawback of this mahadasha. Love affairs are a possibility. Wastage of time on false goals. There is a possibility of scandal also. One of the physical sign is irregular bowel movement. Farting a lot.

Pranayama is must
Writing a diary and review own behaviour every week
Don’t sit idle ever.
Avoid TV and media related apps like facebook, whatsapp etc
Play a sport on daily basis.
if person is religious , then read about life of Hanuman ji.
Serve a NGO.
Main remedy is controlling AIR element in body. Keep vata pacifying diet. Take Triphala regularly.