What to do in Sadesatti ?

A disciplined person may retrospect on three or even four Sade Sati periods (once every 28 years approx). Looking back, one may admit that the sade sati periods are often the most pragmatically grounded and realistic sections of one’s life.

The reason for the intensified maturity is that sade-sati typically retards and often prohibits depending upon other people for one’s own psycho-emotional sustenance. Others tend to be emotionally cold, Thus one reaches inward to discover one’s own emotional resources, and the result is a deepening awareness of inner strengths which were not before known.

Sade Sati is undoubtedly a period of maturization and bottom-line materialism (Shani) in the psycho-mental experience (Chandra). It involves temporary deprivation of emotional protection from parental figures and permanent loss of personal naivet

Sade Sati is usually a spiritual blessing in disguise, because its harshly realistic conditions serve to expose the bald truth about exhausted, dead-wood, non-nourishing, non-supportive, non-validating relationships which are in place only because they are comfortingly habitual (Chandra) and socially (Shani) expect

  • It is good to be prepared emotionally for Sade Sati’s predictable psychic stresses, but succumbing to superstition is completely unnecessary.
  • External resources — from society and from one’s closest emotional supports — are restricted during Sade Sati. Therefore self-relianceand faith in one’s own resources are the keys to survival (and even prosperity) during this tiring seven-year-plus period.

The end result of Sade Sati — for a spiritually conscious person— is the usual benefit of Tapasya: One accepts the resistance and stops pushing from the ego. A string of losses, failures or disappointments is often the perfect wake-up call.

  • Sade Sati will rarely permit one to”drop out” no matter how intense the struggle. Shani’s job is keep us in the world, driven by our programming to work to survive.
  • As Shani bears down on the Moon, the survival instinct intensifies, and the workload increases.
  • Conscious survival requires that one work in partnership with the divine. The harder the work, the greater urge to survival — the deeper the need for divine partnership

During Sade Sati, the spirits demand one’s conscious partnerships as they call one’s attention to finer levels of detail. Shani’s purification process allows one to replace the ineffective decision-making style of crude ego-membrane (i.e., insisting things go your way) with the much more accurate directives of the spirits (i.e., the way life really is).

Of course, it’s not natural for the ego-membrane to give up petty control – even when its primitive”toddler-style-I-want” demands are obviously dysfunctional. It usually takes a big blast to the ego-membrane in the guise of massive emotional exhaustion or disappointments during Sade Sati, to force the survival issue enough to make the person consider another way of life.

For those lucky few who are psychically sophisticated enough to appreciate that our lives are controlled by forces much greater than we normally acknowledge, it is fairly easy to make the transition to maturity demanded by Sade Sati. The problem is overextended ego-membrane and that is easy to fix.

The solution is partnership with the divine and you know it. It’s really just a question of admitting the ego membrane’s obvious limitations and going to a higher power for help. If one is prepared to accept a new decision-management style that incorporates both appropriate ego-membrane and divine will, one may experience — As the direct benefit of sade sati — an enormous boost in intelligence, intuition, and success